Chief Medical Officer

Mark Versavel, M.D., Ph.D, MBA is the Chief Medical Officer of NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Versavel has over 25 years of clinical development experience in neuropathic pain and multiple neurology and psychiatry indications across the areas of clinical pharmacology, early and late phase clinical trials, and support of marketed products. 

After medical training in neurology, Mark joined the Clinical Pharmacology Institute of Bayer AG, where he planned and conducted in-house Phase 1 studies and implemented pharmaco-EEG and computerized cognition testing. At Schering AG, Mark supported betaferon in MS, and became core clinician for an AMPA antagonist in stroke. At Parke-Davis he was International Therapy Area Head for Neurology with responsibility for Phase 3 international development of pregabalin in neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia and for contributions to the NDA documents that resulted in approval as Lyrica. Mark joined the Pfizer neuroscience group in New London, CT as clinical leader for sumanirole in Parkinson ’s disease and restless legs syndrome, and became global clinical leader for ziprasidone (Geodon) in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Mark joined Sepracor to lead the eslicarbazepine acetate resulting in approval as Aptiom, and was appointed VP Clinical Research and Medical Affairs CNS at Sunovion. As Vice President Clinical Research at Zalicus, he was leading the development of two novel Ca channel modulators in neuropathic pain. 

Mark then founded vZenium LLC providing consulting services in CNS clinical development. As consulting CMO at Alzheon, he initiated the clinical development of ALZ-801, a prodrug of tramiprosate, in Alzheimer’s Disease. He has also served as Senior Vice President Clinical Development at Quartet medicine and consulting Medical Director at Biogen.