Novel therapies for diabetic neuropathic pain and central nervous system diseases

 NeuroBo is focused on neurodegenerative diseases that affect millions of patients worldwide.


NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals' novel lead candidate NB-01 is targeting diabetic neuropathic pain. NB-01 increases levels of the neurotrophin, nerve growth factor (NGF). NGF inhibits nerve cell death and promotes nerve regeneration. The compound, licensed from leading pharmaceutical company, Dong-A ST, is initiating a Phase III clinical trial in late 2019. NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals has a second compound focusing on Alzheimer's disease currently ready for an IND and a FIH trial.

NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals was jointly founded by JK BioPharma Solutions, a company specializing in the development of new biopharmaceuticals, and Dr. Roy Freeman, a Harvard Medical School neurologist, to develop naturally sourced medicines focused on neuroscience.



The NeuroBo team hails from various organizations within the pharmaceutical, diabetes, and biotech industries, yet the NeuroBo team has one shared goal: to bring life-changing and disease-modifying therapies to patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases worldwide.  

With John L. Brooks III, a well-known executive within the life sciences industry, at the helm of the company, along with Dr. Mark Versavel, experienced senior clinical drug developer and clinical pharmacologist, and Dr. Nandan Padukone, a well-known biotech executive, NeuroBo is poised to revolutionize the way we approach treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.  


Nerve Growth Factor and Diabetic Neuropathic Pain

When it comes to a successful therapy for diabetic neuropathic pain, the key components must include minimal side effects with pain alleviation, and disease modification with nerve regeneration. While current treatments for diabetic neuropathic pain help with pain alleviation, they do not address the underlying disease. This leaves a large unmet need for patients that suffer from diabetic neuropathic pain. 

NeuroBo’s approach to NB-01 is designed for a product profile that potentially addresses pain alleviation and underlying mechanisms, with minimal side effects. 

With NB-01, there is even the possibility for future expansion into peripheral neuropathic pain, which is pain resulting from damage to peripheral nerves.

Alzheimer’s disease

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease every 65 seconds. There are currently four approved drugs on the market that manage the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, but none of these address disease modification. 

In preclinical studies, NB-02 has demonstrated inhibition of acetyl cholinesterase inhibition, as with the current drugs on the market, but more importantly, has also demonstrated inhibition of amyloid-beta plaque formation and inhibition of Tau phosphorylation – both mechanisms implicated to be potential causes of Alzheimer’s disease.